Our history


The restaurant is located in an historic building. It is the House of the lawyer and perpetual alderman, Antonio Méndez de Lara and the apothecary Diego de Lara. It is located on the corner of Calle Mayor 56, and the entrance is on the Town Hall Square.


In 1991 we decided to go for a change, leaving our industrial jobs in the city and moving to an emblematic town on the St James’ Way: Santo Domingo de La Calzada.

Our challenge was to give life to a family restaurant located in the old town, next to the Romanesque apse of the Cathedral, the Parador de Turismo and the passage to the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The restaurant’s location was practically a requirement to opt for the typical food of the area, as that is what customers are bound to demand. Nonetheless, we wanted to give our dishes a few brushstrokes of innovative creation that quickly turned us into a dining milestone on the St James’ Way.


On 9 June 2014, Day of La Rioja, our establishment was awarded the 2014 City of Santo Domingo of the Calzada Hospitality Excellence Award, granted by the Local Board of Government of the Santo Domingo de La Calzada City Council.

Recommended by Michelin and Repsol

Recommended by the 2014 Michelin Guide Recommended by the 2014 Michelin Guide Recommended by the 2014 Repsol Guide Recommended by the 2014 Repsol Guide
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