What to visit

In Santo Domingo de La Calzada you can visit the Cathedral, where you can see the live cock and hen, recalling the most famous miracle of the Middle Ages.

The Cistercian convent, the pilgrims’ hostel, the Plaza de España, where the Town Hall is located, the old corn exchange, the customhouse, the ancient chief magistrate’s office of La Rioja and Royal Jail and the Plaza del Santo.

The Calle Mayor, with its coats of arms, the Parador de Santo Domingo de La Calzada, which rises above the old pilgrims’ hostel and the Parador of Bernardo de Fresneda, located in the convent of San Francisco.

Shrine of La Mesa del Santo, 1 kilometre away, on the splendid promenade along the road to Haro.

The May festivities (held 10-15 May every year) offer a diversity of events while maintaining ancient tradition, and that is why they are listed as a National Tourist Attraction.

In September, we celebrate the Feasts of Thanksgiving and of San Jerónimo Hermosilla.

In recent years the Market of the Way and Medieval Market (held on and around 6-8 December) have achieved considerable renown.

Our surroundings


Right on the St James’ Way, the Cistercian Monastery of Santa María del Salvador de Cañas —10 km.

San Millán de La Cogolla, cradle of the Spanish language, where are the monasteries of Suso and Yuso are located —20 km.

Monastery of Santa María la Real de Nájera —19 km.

The route of the monasteries: Cañas, Briones.

Wine route: Haro wineries —14 km.

Dinastía Vivanco Museum of the Culture of Wine in Briones —20 km.


You can ski at Valdezcaray ski resort and hike in the adjacent mountains of the Sierra de La Demanda.

Nearby San Torcuato aerodrome.

If you do not have much time or prefer not to move too far, you can enjoy walks in the vicinity of the town, like the roadside promenade, the mills and the greenway.

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